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Express Wash

Complete vacuum and blow out, wipe down all surfaces (cup holders, console and panels), celan windows inside and outside, celan door jams, Hans wash, hand dry, clean rims, wheel well and tire shine, spray wax, tire pressure checked.

Deluxe Wash

Complete vacuum and blow out, shampoo floor mats and upholstery, clean all vinyl leather, plastic, apply. UV protection to interior surfaces, hand wash and dry, clean wheels, tires shine, fender wells, clean door jams, clean all glass surfaces.

Super Gloss

Clean and dress engine bay, wash and dry, bug and tar removal, clean door jams, clean wheels, shine fender wells, tire shine, mini interior detail vacuum and blow out, shampoo carpets and floor mats, complete steam sanitation, clean all vinyl, leather, plastic, vacuum detail trunk area, clean all glasses surfaces, application of UV protection to the interior, clay bar, wax /polish.


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Hand wash and dry, foam bath, engine clean and shine, clean wheels, tires fender wells well detail and shine, bug , tar and road grime removal, clean door jams, complete interior detail vacuum and blow out, shampoo carpets, floor mats and upholstery, complete steam sanitation, clean headliner, clean vinyl, leather and plastic, shampoo and vacuum trunk area, clean spare tire, clean all glass inside and outside  shine tires, fender wells, pet hair removal, odor treatment, uv protection to the interior, clay bar, buff&polish, seat conditioner, stain removal, tire pressure checked, windshield wiper fluid topped off, clean gas cap compartment, polish rear lights, rubber and seal conditioner. 

Ads services

  • Headlight restoration 
  • Pet removal 
  • Shampoo and sanitize carseats 
  • Scratch removal
  • Leather seat treatment 
  • Ozone odor remover treatment 
  • Engine clean 
  • Debadge vehiculo 
  • Broken trim replacement 
  • Lightbulb replacement 
  • Window tint application 
  • Window tint  removal 
  • Check engine light


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